Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who is Madhavan most scared of?

R Madhavan dancing with Malaika Arora Khan on stageWho is R Madhavan most scared of? Of course you know the answer, who other than his wife. In the recent telecast of Big Money, a quiz show which enables families earn big money by answering questions related to the TV shows & movies they like, the family of Ronit Roy, including his mother, his brother Rohit Roy and Rohit's wife Mansi Joshi Roy, was invited where Madhavan put across a question to Mansi asking if she was bothered that her husband (Rohit Roy) appeared with too many girls in the recent reality TV show by the name Desi Girl. Mansi replied that she was not at all worried as she completely trusts his husband and she was thinking that how much his husband works.

R Madhavan was quick to reply that Manshi should befried his wife Sarita Birje who puts up such questions in front of her. :) Madhavan and Mansi have previously worked in a TV series called Saya.