Saturday, October 17, 2009

The love story of Sarita Birje & R Madhavan

R Madhavan with his wife Sarita Birje and son Vedant
The not so common story of Sarita Birje & R Madhavan started in an aeroplane where Sarita served as an air hostess while Maddy was a frequent traveller. This filmy story started in between the air when Madhavan was an electronics engineer and was teaching communication & public speaking at various workshops across India. There love soon flourished and married in 1999.

Today, they have a son named Vedant and Madhavan constantly confirms his love & passion for his wife Sarita despite the long list of his female fans.


  1. i like him as an actor but more as a good husband..keep it..

  2. maddy u r a perfect husband as ur wife had no complaints to u.

  3. maddy you are my favraite actor bossss

  4. Madhavan my love since i saw u....but im happy that you are a good loving husband''stay this way... dont get into the trend of b-town.